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Life. Death. Resurrection. Ascension.

4-part Series

This is a 4-part series that focuses on Jesus' life. This asks the question, "Why does Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and ascension, matter to your life?"
last updated on Apr 11, 2021

Christmas As...

4-part Series

Christmas is most recognized as a cultural holiday, but in this series we will dive into Christmas as history, fulfilled prophecy, revelation, and redemption.
last updated on Dec 24, 2020

Esther's Story

2-part Series

A two-part series through the book of Esther. This series covers the topics of "Where is God in all of this?" and "What if you are here for such a time as this?"
last updated on Nov 8, 2020


8-part Series

In the Bible, God gives us a picture of what a family should look like. There's not an actual photo in there. But there are lots of stories, commands, and descriptions. This series will cover those passages and help us understand what the Bible says.
last updated on Oct 25, 2020

The Gospel of Mark: Series 4

14-part Series

This is the fourth part of a sermon series that goes through the book of Mark. We will be taking this book verse by verse. This is a longer running series through 2020.
last updated on Aug 16, 2020

Tomorrow Is Another Day

2-part Series

This series is about how to relate to the future (and more importantly the God who is in control of it). It should be relevant to you if you are someone who is very worried about the future, or even if you are someone who has a lot of confidence in your abilities to pull off all your future plans.
last updated on Apr 5, 2020


10-part Series

We're going back to take an in-depth look at the core mission & values of Good News Church. Why do we exist to Love God, Love Each Other, & Love People Who Don't Know God Yet? Find out in this series.
last updated on Mar 22, 2020

Stand-Alone Sermons (2020)

last updated on Dec 27, 2020