14-part series

The Life of Paul

In this series, we will learn the story of how a Jesus-persecuting man became the author of over a dozen New Testament letters.

January 3, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 1: Before His Conversion
Mario Villella

Part 1 of "Life of Paul", Acts 7:44-8:3. An introduction to the life of Paul, covering some of the early years when he was known as Saul from Tarsus.

January 9, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 2: From Persecutor To Christian
Mario Villella

Part 2 of "The Life of Paul", Acts 9:1-22. This sermons covers the persecution Saul inflicted on the early Christians, and his conversion to Christianity.

January 16, 2022 Doug Davison
Part 3: New Life - New Living
Doug Davison

Part 3 of "The Life of Paul", Acts 9:19-31. This sermon is about Paul's very early ministry right after his conversion to Christianity. Scripture used is primarily Acts 9:19-31, Galatians 1 and various other Scriptures.

January 23, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 4: The Silent Years
Mario Villella

Part 4 of "The Life of Paul," Galatians 1:21. This sermons covers a period of time in Saul's life known as the "Silent Years," and talks about what the Bible has to say about our own silent years.

January 30, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 5: Ministry in Antioch
Mario Villella

Part 5 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 11:19-30. This sermon covers the story of the year that Saul ministered in Antioch.

February 13, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 6: Saul’s Gospel Is Confirmed
Mario Villella

Part 6 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 11:27-30. This sermon covers the time where Saul confirmed (with the church elders) that the gospel he was preaching was authentic.

February 21, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 7: Saul Rebukes Peter
Mario Villella

Part 7 of "The Life of Paul," Galatians 2:11-16. This sermon covers the time that Saul/Paul rebuked Peter/Cephas, and some things we can learn from it.

February 28, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 8: Sent Out
Mario Villella

Part 8 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 13:1-12. This sermon covers the beginning of Paul's missionary journeys.

March 7, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 9: Antioch of Pisidia
Mario Villella

Part 9 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 13:13-52. We see how Paul presented the gospel to Jews in Antioch of Pisidia.

March 14, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 10: Iconium
Mario Villella

Part 10 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 14:1-7. In this section, Paul and Barnabas both flee for their safety and show remarkable courage.

March 21, 2022 Doug Davison
Part 11: Lystra
Doug Davison

Part 11 of "The Life of Paul", Lystra, Acts 14:8-20. Paul heals a lame man and the town-folk believe he and Barnabas are gods, but it ends with Paul being stoned nearly to death.

March 28, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 12: Derbe and Back Around Again
Mario Villella

Part 12 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 14:20-22. Why was it a big deal that Paul revisited three previous towns? And what does it mean that it is "necessary to pass through many troubles on our way into the kingdom of God"?

April 3, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 13: Why Paul Wrote One of His Earliest Books
Mario Villella

Part 13 of "The Life of Paul," Acts 14:21-15:2. Paul finished up his journey and headed home. After some time, false teachers began showing up.

April 10, 2022 Mario Villella
Part 14: The Message of Galatians
Mario Villella

Part 14 of "The Life of Paul," Galatians 1:1-6:18. A survey of the book of Galatians.