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For Christians Who Doubt

A series on questioning faith & the Bible from the perspective of a Christian. Christian doubt is a bit different than non-Christian doubt. Sometimes it sounds more like, “What do I do if I’m tempted to turn my back on what I have believed for years?” or “What if my Mom and Dad were sincere when they brought me up in church, and yet were sincerely wrong?” Other times, Christian doubt can even manifest itself in someone thinking, “I am not doubting that God exists. I am doubting that He’s good.” This series seeks to answer that type of doubt.

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Sometimes there are thoughts that we'd love to share with you, but they really don't fit anywhere in particular. So we have a blog for just such items.

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We also have a large archive of all of our previous sermon series. Feel free to have a listen.

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We maintain a few shared playlists on Apple Music & Spotify. They serve two purposes: To allow you to learn songs before we sing them, and to listen to a wider array of songs that we have sung corporately for the life of Good News.