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Church Instructions

3-part Series

This series is about the mission of our church from the book of Colossians. The mission of Good News Church is to love God, love each other, and love people who don't know God yet.
last updated on Oct 27, 2013


6-part Series

This series is based on the book of the Bible of the same name.
last updated on May 26, 2013

Interactions With Jesus

10-part Series

This series will look at many different people who interacted with Jesus and what He said to them.
last updated on Apr 7, 2013

Stand-Alone Sermons (2013)

last updated on Dec 29, 2013


3-part Series

Many of us don't live our lives in a way that shows the true meaning of Christmas. This series focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, as well as truths that we can apply to our lives throughout this season that will bring the focus back to Jesus.
last updated on Dec 23, 2012

Angels & Demons

3-part Series

Why should we learn about angels & demons? The answer is simple: You already are, so let's learn the truth through the authoritative source on the topic, the Bible.
last updated on Dec 2, 2012

The Greatest Relationship Advice Ever

4-part Series

This series is about relationships. How are we to treat each other? How are we to interact with each other?
last updated on Nov 4, 2012

What Good News Is All About

7-part Series

last updated on Sep 30, 2012