Sermons by Scripture

A listing of all our sermons for Hebrews 11

September 2, 2018 Isaac Johnson
Faith That Overcomes
Stand-Alone Sermons (2018)
Isaac Johnson

Today's message about a faith that overcomes the uncertainty, troubles and failures of life. A faith that focuses on our Christ rather than circumstances. Today we will learn to keep our eyes on Christ as we talk about a faith that overcomes.

August 31, 2014 Mario Villella
Part 17: Final Words
Jesus Is Better
Mario Villella

Part seventeen of "Jesus is Better" covers Hebrews 13:1-25.

July 27, 2014 Mario Villella
Part 14: Faith Illustrated In The Old Testament
Jesus Is Better
Mario Villella

Part fourteen of "Jesus is Better" covers Hebrews 11:1-12:2.

July 8, 2012 Mike Gordon
A Psalm of Faith
Stand-Alone Sermons (2012)
Mike Gordon

This week we had a guest speaker, Mike Gordon. Mike used Psalm 121 to illustrate the two pillars of our faith in Jesus Christ, and emphasize what God has, and has not, promised to us.