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3-part Series

This is a series on Christian citizenry. As a church body, how should we live our lives out with one another?
last updated on Aug 27, 2017

Handling Conflict

5-part Series

This is a series on what the Bible teaches about relational restoration.
last updated on Aug 6, 2017

Under The Sun

16-part Series

This is a series on the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible.
last updated on Jun 11, 2017

Before & After You Say "I Do"

4-part Series

This series of sermons, on what the Bible says about marriage, should be helpful to anyone who is married, who will ever be married, or who knows anyone who is married.
last updated on Feb 19, 2017

Stand-Alone Sermons (2017)

last updated on Sep 17, 2017

Christmas In Unlikely Places

5-part Series

This is a 5-part series dealing with the incarnation (God in flesh). We will be looking in passages that aren't normally taught during Christmas-time.
last updated on Dec 24, 2016

On Purpose

7-part Series

This is a 7-week series with the goal of covering some of the basics of our purpose as a church, and our purpose as a Christian.
last updated on Oct 10, 2016

Out of Egypt

17-part Series

This is a series on the book of Exodus.
last updated on Jul 31, 2016