Sermons by Scripture

A listing of all our sermons for Romans 2

March 31, 2019 Mario Villella
Part 6: The Syrophoenician Mother
The Gospel of Mark: Series 2
Mario Villella

Part 6 of the second series of, "The Gospel of Mark". Mark 7:24-30. In this passage, we see how Jesus handled an encounter with a gentile woman.

December 31, 2017 Isaac Johnson
Part 1: The Necessity of Grace
When Disgrace Meets Grace
Isaac Johnson

We must remember that the cost of our salvation is the same for us all. The murder of Jesus Christ on a cross was required not only for the worst person you know but also for the best person you know. We were a disgrace that had a meeting with grace.

November 2, 2014 Luke Butler
Sin & Salvation: Good News in the Book of Romans
Stand-Alone Sermons (2014)
Luke Butler

To summarize this sermon, we could make this one statement. We're worse than we think we are, and Christ is better than we can imagine.