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A listing of all our sermons for Matthew 24

May 10, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 3: Olivet Discourse B
The Gospel of Mark: Series 4
Mario Villella

Part 3 of "Gospel of Mark, Series 4" Mark 13:1-37. This is the second part of a three-part mini-series on the Olivet Discourse. In it we discuss the pros and cons of three common interpretations of Mark 13. We also conclude with some thoughts about how to trust Jesus even when He doesn't make sense to you.

November 18, 2012 Mario Villella
Part 1: Intro To Angels
Angels & Demons
Mario Villella

This is the first part of our series, "Angels & Demons." In this sermon, we cover several verses to get an overall picture as to what the Bible says about Angels.