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A listing of all our sermons by series, or scripture

Holy Spirit

3-part Series

This series is about the Holy Spirit. We'll be looking at who He is, what He does, and more!
last updated on Feb 14, 2016

Stand-Alone Sermons (2015)

last updated on Dec 27, 2015

O Holy Night

4-part Series

In this series we'll take lyrics from one of the most popular Christmas songs and see what the Bible says in relation to them.
last updated on Dec 24, 2015

A Letter From Captivity

12-part Series

This is a series on the biblical book of Philippians. Philippians is a letter from Paul to a congregation in a city named Philippi, written while Paul was in some kind of imprisonment.
last updated on Nov 29, 2015

Lest We Forget

2-part Series

This series is a reminder for us of some important things that we can't afford to forget.
last updated on Sep 6, 2015


4-part Series

Friendship is an important part of our lives, and yet many of us fail to see the connections between our friendships here on earth and our relationship with God.
last updated on Aug 2, 2015

Bending Gender

1-part Series

This is a series that turned into a single sermon. This sermon deals with what the Bible says about gender roles and their connection to marriage, sexuality, and child-bearing.
last updated on Jul 5, 2015

Ruth Redeemed

6-part Series

This is a series on the book of Ruth from the Old Testament, which covers some huge theological topics like suffering, redemption, and there is even a connection between Ruth and Jesus.
last updated on Jun 14, 2015