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A listing of all our sermons for Ephesians 3

August 13, 2023 Mario Villella
Part 17: The Final Episode
The Life of Paul: Series 3
Mario Villella

Part 17 of "Life of Paul, Series 3" Acts 28:30-31. This sermon covers Paul's final years and his death. It also points out two lessons from Paul's life: that God's love is for all people and yet, there is a judgment coming if we do not turn to Him.

March 28, 2021 Doug Davison
Part 2: Why Does Christ’s Death Matter?
Life. Death. Resurrection. Ascension.
Doug Davison

Part 2 of "Life. Death. Resurrection. Ascension.", John 19:28-42 and others. This sermon explains why Jesus needed to die.

December 27, 2020 Mike Miller
For This Reason
Stand-Alone Sermons (2020)
Mike Miller

This sermon covers Ephesians 1-3, but mostly focuses in on Ephesians 3:14-16. There are some blessings and prayers throughout that are important for us to remember.

November 6, 2016 Brent Bickhart
The Wisdom of the Spirit
Stand-Alone Sermons (2016)
Brent Bickhart

This week's sermon was on the wisdom of the Spirit of God from 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. How can we know God?

December 27, 2015 Mike Miller
Starbucks Sunday
Stand-Alone Sermons (2015)
Mike Miller

Starbucks' core principles have made Starbucks a hugely successful business. These same principles can be seen in Scripture and applied to our Christian lives. In this sermon we will look at how they compare to what we see about Christianity in the Bible.