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What's a Christian To Do About Pronouns?

What's a Christian To Do About Pronouns?

July 27, 2022
by Mario Villella

We live in a rapidly changing world. What the average person finds to be moral and immoral is very different than it was in 1997 or even in 2007. The standards by which many people determine what is polite and what is rude have changed.
Latara Is Going to Work Full-time For The International Network of Children’s Ministry
Our beloved youth and children’s ministry director, Latara Arthur, has accepted a position as Project and Operations Manager at INCM.
A Rice Bowls Project Update

A Rice Bowls Project Update

June 21, 2022
by Doug Davison

On May 29th, the Rice Bowls project was introduced as an opportunity to share the Gospel and provide food to orphan children around the world - especially in extreme poverty countries.
A KidZone "Family Chat"

A KidZone "Family Chat"

April 20, 2022
by Latara Arthur

In our family, whenever we want to have a special chat about upcoming events or issues that need to be discussed, we hold a family chat. Well, because there are so many of you, it will be physically challenging to hold an in-person family chat. But if you will, please consider this article a “family chat.”
Reasons People Are and Aren’t Persecuted

Reasons People Are and Aren’t Persecuted

March 30, 2022
by Luke Ferguson

Mario’s sermon on March 27th on Acts 14:21-22, taught how Paul told the Christians in Iconium, Lystra, and Antioch that “it is necessary to pass through many troubles on our way to the Kingdom of God.” The Bible says that it is a necessary part of the Christian life. In light of Jesus’s words, “if they persecute Me, they are going to persecute you.” ~ John 15:20, it makes sense that a Christian is either being persecuted or on their way to being persecuted.
Does Good News Church Need Money? And If So, Why Don't You Ask For It Very Often?
Recently, a regular attender brought up the fact that Good News doesn’t give updates letting people know when there are financial needs so that people can donate towards them. And that same man made it sound like perhaps he would give more money to Good News if only we talked about it/asked for it more often. It was an interesting conversation, and it made me realize that our church has a somewhat unusual philosophy of ministry when it comes to money and donations.
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