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Ending the livestream.  Why did you do this? Are you trying to hurt us?
No, and I am sorry if it came across that way. I’ve never pastored a church during a pandemic before and I’m trying to do the best that I can. Some of us in leadership (but not all of us) are concerned about the effect of “internet church.” Some of us, myself included, believe that it is actually not good for people to watch something on a screen and believe that they have “gone to church online.”
The First To State His Case Seems Right

The First To State His Case Seems Right

August 20, 2020
by Mario Villella

I was recently reminded of this Bible verse: "The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him." ~ Proverbs 18:17. What an important principle to remember. The less bible-y way to say this would be the phrase: “There are two sides to every story.”
Announcing “Almost Back to Normal Sunday” (June 7) and hopefully “Back to Normal Sunday” (July 5)
As many of you know, we’ve begun meeting again for “in-person church services” for a month now. And by “in-person church services” I simply mean what everyone meant when they said the words, “church services,” three months ago. We’ve been moving back to normal, with more people coming back to church as the month of May went on. We’ve restarted KidZone for our youngest age groups (pre-Kindergarten) and plan on adding more age-groups this week.
What Do Community Groups Look Like Here at Good News Church?
Here at Good News, we love Community Groups, and we love how they bring people together. We also know that most every church has something similar. They might be called Life Groups, Care Groups, Home Groups, Study Groups, Community Groups, or even Accountability Groups.
Ministry Maxims

Ministry Maxims

February 19, 2020
by Mario Villella

Many pastors take time to write out and teach on the values of their church in order to guide decision making. However, I think that there are many leaders out there who mostly only focus on their top-tier values (like in our case it would be: “Love God, love each other, and love people who don’t know God yet”) but they don’t take time to write out their medium-level values.
Worship Song: All Is Well

Worship Song: All Is Well

February 14, 2020
by Kennon Bickhart

Last week we sang a song called, “All Is Well”. This song deals with some ideas of the sovereignty of God, so I wanted to take a bit to help explain a few key points: What does it mean to say that “God is sovereign”? How is a sovereign God still a good God? What are the implications for me as a Christian?
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