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Does Good News Church Need Money? And If So, Why Don't You Ask For It Very Often?
Recently, a regular attender brought up the fact that Good News doesn’t give updates letting people know when there are financial needs so that people can donate towards them. And that same man made it sound like perhaps he would give more money to Good News if only we talked about it/asked for it more often. It was an interesting conversation, and it made me realize that our church has a somewhat unusual philosophy of ministry when it comes to money and donations.
Why Do Some People Get Easily Frustrated About Church Stuff?
When I was 11 years old, I was on a football team. If I remember right, my mother had signed me up for the team without asking me if I was interested.
Gospel Presentation at a Funeral Attended Mostly by Non-Christians
Not too long ago, I got the opportunity to present the gospel at a funeral that was mostly attended by non-Christians. Since it was not a “public sermon,” the words that I said that day were not recorded or otherwise made available to the congregation of Good News Church. But, I’ve reproduced the content of that message here.
A Year-End Report for 2021

A Year-End Report for 2021

December 27, 2021
by Mario Villella

Every once and a while, I look backwards and try to summarize what took place during the year at Good News Church. Here are some thoughts on 2021.
What Do You Do With Sadness?

What Do You Do With Sadness?

December 2, 2021
by Doug Davison

Let’s jump right in and start looking at the life of Jesus during one of his saddest, if not the saddest, moments while on the earth. May God help us apply the same strategies that Jesus used.
When Following Jesus Is Dangerous

When Following Jesus Is Dangerous

September 13, 2021
by Mario Villella

I was recently reminded that the mission that Jesus gave us is, at times, dangerous. When Jesus told His disciples to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you,” he was telling them to do something that would, in some circumstances, cause them pain and suffering.
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