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"There's An Angel Watching Over Me" – Carrie Morningstar's Story
May 27, 2016, was an ordinary day at my workplace at a local dry cleaner. I had just sat down, when there was a huge explosion. It was like a bomb had gone off.
"The Best Year of My Life" – Diana Moore's Story
I could have considered 2016 a bad year. In April, I started vomiting several times a day. I lost ten pounds in a week and ended up in the hospital. An MRI showed a clog in the main artery in my stomach...
Lisa Newton's Story: Turning a Traumatic Mistake into a Ministry
I came from a twice broken home. I didn't know my mom till I was in high school. During a high school summer break, I visited her, because I knew I'd be allowed to date and smoke. At that time, my dad walked out of my life.
StoryTeam: Nancy Hoiaas

StoryTeam: Nancy Hoiaas

August 12, 2021
by Marian Rizzo

People call her “The Butterfly Lady.” Nancy Hoiaas loves to give people hand-crocheted and 3-D plastic butterflies, along with a written message about how much God loves them. “The butterfly is likened to a rebirth in Christ,” says Nancy. “It’s a gift of God’s love.”
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