This Year, Good News Financially Supported More Missionary Work and Acts of Compassion Than Ever Before!

January 10, 2021 Mario Villella Organization, Finance

I have such exciting news to share. After looking over our financial statements for 2020, I noticed that Good News Church gave away $83,569.69 this year! That is the most we’ve ever done.

(Giving had actually been down toward the end of the year, however, there was some generous giving that took place during the last weeks of 2020.)

In the past I have written, in detail, about how our church handles its finances and about how we give away money for the purposes of missions and mercy. Here are three previous explanations:
For now, I will just recap by letting you know that Good News has, for years now, committed to giving away 11% of all income received back out (typically to other Christian organizations doing different work than we are doing.) The two main causes that we fund are called “mercy and missions.”  Mercy is our word for “compassion on the poor” and missions is our word for “funding the teaching of the gospel/Bible.” This year we were able to give away over $80,000 to these causes:
How crazy is it that the year we were able to give away the most to missions and mercy was the year of Covid? What a blessing! Let’s pray that God uses these dollars for His kingdom, and that He continues to use the people of Good News Church for missions and mercy in our own spheres of influence!

If you are wondering why I would report these things, I suppose I should let you know:
  1. I think it's nice for you (if you're a contributor) to know where some of your money goes.
  2. This is a great thing worth celebrating!
  3. I believe these reports help call attention to what we value. Once you know the number we gave away, you can realize that we could have improved our building, purchased cool equipment or hired more employees to make life easier on us. But we didn't, because we value: kids in foster care, homeless people, children in third-world countries, Muslims, church planting, unwed mothers, persecuted Christians, etc.
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