Thank You For Being My Favorite Church!

August 3, 2017 Mario Villella Encouragement, Community

I wanted to take some space in this newsletter to thank all of you for being my favorite church.

Now some of you might think, “Oh please. You‘re the pastor. You have to say that.” But the truth is, no, I don‘t have to say that. If you were not my favorite church, I could feel that way and keep it to myself. But I wouldn‘t lie and say it. The reason I say it is because it‘s true. Of all the churches I‘ve been a part of, you guys have been the most encouraging.

And I wanted to tell you what a big deal this is for my family. Maybe some of you already know this, but being a preacher‘s kid comes with its own set of challenges. And sometimes church drama can stress out a pastor to the point that his children begin to grow a distaste for church meetings and church people.

I just recently read a book written by a friend of mine called “Surviving Ministry” and it reminded me of this. It was filled with stories of difficult ministry stuff (sharp disagreements between pastors, churches arguing over what style of music is best, resignations, church splits, etc.) Some pastors go through so much church drama that it poisons their children‘s view of Christianity.

"Oh please. You're the pastor. You have to say that [you're my favorite church]."

That has not been true for us at Good News Church these past 6 years.

Here‘s a tiny example. Someone in the congregation was recently eating at a burger and ice cream restaurant and they saw a family that reminded them of the Villella family. The family was eating and having a good time, and the person thought, “I want Mario and Heidi and their kids to come here and have a good time just like that family” and so she bought a gift card and gave it to us.

That was special and encouraging. But it doesn‘t just affect me. It became a teachable moment for my children. When we went and used the gift card I told the kids that mommy and daddy weren‘t buying dinner tonight, and that dinner was being paid for by a nice lady who goes to our church. And I went on to say, “Kids, I know there are a lot of preachers kids who hear stories about how the church people are mean to their daddy. But I want you to know, at our church, the people are very nice to your daddy.”

That is a big deal. Thank you for allowing me to be able to say stuff like that to my children with a straight face. It means the world to me. I love you people.

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