10-part series


We're going back to take an in-depth look at the core mission & values of Good News Church. Why do we exist to Love God, Love Each Other, & Love People Who Don't Know God Yet? Find out in this series.

January 12, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 1: When Jesus Tells You To Reset
Mario Villella

Part 1 of "Reset." Revelation 2:1-5. This sermon covers an occasion when Jesus revealed to a particular church that they needed to go back and do something that they used to do.

January 19, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 2: God Is A Person
Mario Villella

Part 2 of "Reset." Revelation 3:17-20, 21:3-4, and others. In this sermon, we learn that "Love God" is not a religious system that we tap into, but rather it means loving a Person, the One who loved us first and sent His Son to save us.

January 26, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 3: God Gave Us A Book
Mario Villella

Part 3 of "Reset." 2 Timothy 3:15-16. In this sermon, we learn some reasons to believe that God gave us a book.

February 2, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 4: God Saved Us
Mario Villella

Part 4 of "Reset." 2 Corinthians 5:21 and others. In this sermon, we learn about why the gospel is so important, with a specific focus on what "Christ died for our sins" means.

February 16, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 5: God Must Be Worshipped
Mario Villella

Part 5 of "Reset." Psalm 115:1-8. This sermon is about why worship matters.

February 23, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 6: God Made Us A Family
Mario Villella

Part 6 of "Reset." 1 Timothy 3:14-15 & Hebrews 10:24-25. In this sermon, we learn some of what it means to be a part of the household of God, and we learn about a meeting that Christians should attend and why.

March 1, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 7: God Made Us A Body
Mario Villella

Part 7 of "Reset." Romans 12:4-8. In this sermon, we learn what it means to be the "body" of Christ and how we should use our gifts for God.

March 8, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 8: God Gives Us Mentors
Mario Villella

Part 8 of "Reset." Hebrews 13:7, 5:11-14 and others. In this sermon, we learn multiple passages on the topic of discipleship.

March 15, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 9: God Gave Us A Mission
Mario Villella

Part 9 of "Reset." Matthew 28:18-20 and others. In this sermon, we learn about the importance of staying on mission, including the mission of reaching people who don't know God yet.

March 22, 2020 Mario Villella
Part 10: Reaching Out While We're Stuck
Mario Villella

Part 10 of "Reset." Acts 28:30-31 & Phillippians 1:12-14. In this sermon, we learn about how Paul helped to advance the gospel even while he was stuck in prison and/or in a house. (This sermon was preached at the beginning of the social distancing policies related to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.)