2-part series

How To Pray

This is a series on how we should pray. The best example is Jesus. We'll look at how did Jesus pray, and how did Jesus tell us to pray?

September 3, 2017 Mario Villella
Part 1: How Jesus Prayed
Mario Villella

Part 1 of "How To Pray." Mark 1:35, Luke 5:15-16, and others. This sermon reveals some of Jesus' practices when it came to His prayer life and how we ought to imitate them.

September 24, 2017 Mario Villella
Part 2: How Jesus Said To Pray
Mario Villella

Part 2 of "How To Pray." Matthew 6:5-13. This sermon focuses on how Jesus taught us to pray. He taught us how not to pray, as well as how to pray.