Teaching at Good News in November

November 1, 2023 Mario Villella Announcement

This upcoming Sunday we intend to finish up our series on Joseph from Genesis 37-50. Then, the following Sunday we plan to begin a new series called, “Titles of the Christ.” The idea behind this series is that it would lead us up to Christmas, by discussing the multiple functions we see in Jesus’ life. So, you could basically consider it to be a long Advent series. The plan is for it to extend into December, but here are the November plans:
  • Nov 05 – Joseph’s Story, Part 3: Joseph Forgives
  • Nov 12 – Titles of the Christ, Part 1: Prophet
  • Nov 19 – Titles of the Christ, Part 2: Priest
  • Nov 26 – Titles of the Christ, Part 3: King
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