A Blast From The Past

November 30, 2023 Mario Villella Discipleship

Recently, a woman who is a part of our church mentioned that this article was meaningful to her. I wrote it eight years ago when my son Joey was a little boy. (He’s now almost as tall as I am.) The woman mentioned that she has applied what she learned in this article to her personal finances, and actually shares it with other people as the topic comes up. That was encouraging for me to hear.

I am linking to it now, for any of you who might be interested. Though some of the things in this article are now dated (ie: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was not last year; the church treasurer is now Lance Powers, not Janice Kemp) I still stand by what I said back then. So, I figured I would share it with you, especially for the benefit of the many of you who weren’t here eight years ago and don’t go back and read old newsletter articles.

I hope that it helps you decide how to bring your financial life under the lordship of Jesus Christ.
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