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October 3, 2023 Mario Villella Organization

“Joseph’s Story” is a planned 3-sermon series that will give a brief overview of Genesis 37-50. The series is going to be based on what was taught earlier this year at TRAC (Teen Reach Adventure Camp.) We had a 3-week opening in the preaching schedule, and I figured that the lessons from TRAC this year might be a good fit for that slot for a number of reasons:

First of all, following the TRAC curriculum forced me to summarize 13 chapters of the Bible into three messages – something I don’t ordinarily attempt, but ended up turning out well. Secondly, the focus of the curriculum – how God uses bad circumstances for good –  is a lesson that adults could use as well. Thirdly, I figured it might be good for those of you who don’t get to go to TRAC to have the opportunity to hear the kinds of things that are taught there (that is, if I don’t change it too much between now and preaching time.)

So, here are our plans for the upcoming teaching at Good News Church:
  • October 8 – Spiritual Gifts, Part 4: What About the Miraculous Giftings?
  • October 15 – Stand-Alone Sermon
  • October 22 – Joseph’s Story, Part 1: Joseph is Betrayed
  • October 29 – Joseph’s Story, Part 2: Joseph is Promoted
  • November 5 – Joseph’s Story, Part 3: Joseph Forgives
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