The Newest Elder on the Board of Good News Church: Daniel Gilland

February 22, 2023 Mario Villella Organization

On Saturday, January 14, the elders nominated Daniel Gilland to be an elder serving on the governing board of Good News Church. We announced the nomination the following Tuesday (January 17) in the church newsletter. In that announcement, we said that as long as we saw no disqualifying factors present in his life (and you were asked to let us know if you were aware of anything) we would bring him on “probably sometime in February.”

Well, that happened. No one registered any negative concerns; we only got positive feedback. The elders voted him in on Saturday, February 11, and we wanted to let you all know. Please pray for the leadership of Good News Church whenever you think of us, and thank you for being part of this body of believers.
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Mario Villella

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