The Release of My Second Book

September 29, 2020 Mario Villella Announcement

Last year around this time, I was able to make available to you a short book on the topic of work that I had written earlier that year. This year, I have the privilege of doing that again. Written back before COVID, but freshly printed this month, It Takes Two to Tangle is another 20-day devotional that gives us a survey of multiple Bible passages on an important topic: how to handle conflict.

Coronavirus has complicated many things, including relationships, and perhaps this book is even more relevant now than back when I wrote it. It’s another short book, designed to be read for a few minutes a day over the course of 20 days, but can also be read in one sitting, if preferred.

Similar to last time, the first 63 pages explain the Bible’s instructions for how Christians ought to relate to one another during occasions of sin and discord. And the final 13 pages explain the gospel from the angle of making peace with God. Because of that, this book is appropriate for Christians and non-Christians. You could use it as a personal devotional, or as a short curriculum for a Bible study or community group. However, it could also be given to a friend as an evangelistic tool.

We are making this book available by giving out copies at Good News Church on Sunday mornings. It will be available on the back counters in the auditorium, and if anyone would like one (or more) we will be giving them out for a suggested donation of $2 per book.

And just in case this looks like I’m using Good News as a personal fundraising venture or starting a side job, I wanted to fully explain how we’re handling this:

  1. Good News Church money was not used to print the books. An individual who is a part of our church paid for them himself and donated the books to Good News.
  2. If and when you donate the $2 per book, the proceeds will go to Good News Church and not to any individual person. This isn’t a money-making project for me or anyone else. We simply want to make this book available to you, and spread its message all over Marion County if possible.
  3. When we say “suggested donation” we mean that any money given would truly be a donation to Good News rather than a purchase price. If you would like 10 copies of the book, you can put a twenty dollar bill (or a check made out to “Good News Church”) into the offering box in the back of the auditorium, and then take 10 copies of the book. But there will be no cashier, no cash register, no giving change, and no one checking to make sure you actually put in the correct amount of money. You could put in a one dollar bill and take two books and no one will stop you. You could also put in more than the suggested amount. Personally, I would love for this to serve as a fundraiser for Good News Church.
  4. We chose $2 as the suggested donation (which is actually about the amount it cost to print them) because we wanted to make the price low enough that many of you might grab 10 or 20 of them, and then distribute them to others. My goal with this book isn’t for the people of Good News to simply buy one copy and have a written account of the things that I taught in church three years ago (I would guess I preached about 90% of this book back in 2017) but rather for some of the people of Good News to buy multiple copies and give them to people who don’t attend our church.

I hope, once you read it, you get as excited to give this book away as I am. 🎉
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