My Favorite Thing About Community Group

April 1, 2015 Linnea Curington

My favorite thing about our community group is that it’s not “churchy” in the sense that everyone puts on their best face and acts very spiritual and serious. I like that we meet at the Lusk’s house and our kids run around and we can drink a beer and talk about what’s really happening in our lives. Our group is full of talkers, but good listeners too.

Last year our sweet Isaac was born with several smaller fingers on his left hand, and my initial reaction was to feel responsible for it somehow, even though the doctors said it wasn’t my fault. Also, my favorite aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, the same disease that took my dad’s life several years ago. Then there was all the regular stress of life at home with four kids age six and under, and the postpartum hormones, and the sleep deprivation. I was basically a mess the first half of 2014. There were several times at our community group when I would try to share about my aunt or Isaac’s hand and end up in tears. It seemed like I was always saying to Adam on the drive home, “I can’t believe I cried again!” and he would tell me it’s good to be honest about our feelings.

This year things are much better. Isaac is the happiest, smiliest toddler, and we have all come to love his little hand. I am slightly more comfortable with the mystery of God’s sovereignty; the “why” question doesn’t haunt me as much at this point. My aunt is still here, and miraculously feeling okay at this point! I haven’t cried at community group for a while. Others have though, and I’m glad we have that kind of group. We share and then we pray. I was just reading Philip Yancey’s latest book and love this: “We [Christians] don’t need to pretend that things are fine or that goodness comes easily.” And that’s how it is in our group.

We look forward to our community group and to each Sunday at Good News.

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