KidZone Move Up Sunday is August 7th

July 29, 2022 Jenny Stanley Organization

In just a couple weeks many of our kids will be starting a new school year, which means most of our kids will be advancing to a new grade or class! How exciting!
On August 7th, KidZone is excited to announce that we will have "Move Up Sunday." This year, since Upper ElementaryZone is not available, we wanted to give you a breakdown of who will be moving:
  • Toddlers entering Preschool
  • Preschoolers entering into Kindergarten
  • First Graders entering Second Grade
  • Third Graders entering Fourth Grade
So what does this mean for these groups of kids? On August 7th, "Move Up Sunday", the following things will occur:
  • Our new Preschoolers will move into the PreKZone classroom that continues to meet for the entire duration of the service.
  • Our new Kindergartners will now join our main worship service to worship with their parents and church family. They will be dismissed during our intermission into our Lower ElementaryZone class.
  • Our new Second Graders will move into the Middle ElementaryZone classroom and will continue to be dismissed during our intermission.
  • Our new Fourth Graders will remain in our main worship service to sing, fellowship, and listen to the sermon, with their families.
  • If you have a child moving from Fifth Grade into Sixth Grade they can now attend our Youth Group on Wednesday Nights at 6pm, beginning September 7th.
We wish all of our students and teachers a safe, successful, and productive new school year!
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