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August 30, 2023 Mario Villella Organization

After preaching so many weeks on the Life of Paul, it feels weird to have already gotten through another series in just two weeks. But, we did. Praying Like Jesus was a short primer on prayer, and I hope it was helpful to many of you. Our current plan is to take a couple of weeks to preach some sermons that are not in any series, and then follow that up with a new series on the topic of spiritual gifts. Here’s our tentative plan for the next several weeks:
  • Sep 03Stand Alone Sermon: Jesus and His Miracles
  • Sep 10Stand Alone Sermon: Telling the Next Generation
  • Sep 17Spiritual Gifts, Part 1: Introduction
  • Sep 24Spiritual Gifts, Part 2: The Speaking Gifts in Romans
  • Oct 01Spiritual Gifts, Part 3: The Non-Speaking Gifts in Romans
  • Oct 08Spiritual Gifts, Part 4: Are the Miraculous Giftings Still For Today?
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